Grant from the Robert I. Schattner Foundation Expands Nutrition and Meal Services For People With End-Stage Renal Disease

- September 23, 2021

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Medically Tailored Meals Target People with Kidney Failure

The Robert I. Schattner Foundation grant to expand nutrition and meal services to people with end-stage renal disease  

Washington, DC (September 21, 2021) Food & Friends has received a $250,000 grant over two years from the Robert I. Schattner Foundation to provide home-delivered medically tailored meals and nutrition counseling to people living with end-stage renal disease.

“Nutrition is key to managing kidney disease and overall health but eating the right foods and getting proper nutrition is a challenge for people living with end-stage renal disease, especially if they are already food insecure,” said Carrie Stoltzfus, Executive Director for Food & Friends. “This incredible gift from the Robert I. Schattner Foundation will allow us to grow our renal program and help even more at-risk, vulnerable members of our community.”

Food & Friends has 33 years of experience preparing and delivering specialized meals to individuals living with serious and chronic illness. The organization offers 12 meal plans designed by registered dietitians on staff to help individuals manage illness symptoms and treat side effects, while also improving health outcomes.

The nutritional needs of a renal patient depend on the type of dialysis they are receiving. They may need more protein than before they started dialysis. They may need to limit salt and fluids. They also may need to limit minerals such as potassium and phosphorus. A diet for end-stage renal disease is complicated, and the planning can be especially difficult for individuals who also experience food insecurity. Food & Friends’ renal meal plan addresses these complicated dietary needs and allows clients to receive meals at home, eliminating the challenge of gaining access to or preparing nutritious meals. Clients also receive nutrition counseling.

As the only community-based organization in the Washington, D.C. region providing free home-delivered, medically tailored meals and nutrition counseling for adults and children living with renal disease, Food & Friends has experienced an increase in the number of referrals for people living with this condition. This year, the organization expects to deliver more than 90,000 meals to 280 individuals living with renal disease, many of whom live on less than $1,500 a month. This is a 17% increase in renal clients compared to 2020. The Robert I. Schattner Foundation grant will help provide medically tailored, home-delivered meals and nutrition counseling to even more people living with renal disease.

“Food & Friends is an important safety net and anchor institution in the greater Washington, D.C. region. The Robert I. Schattner Foundation is pleased to make this investment to ensure people living with kidney failure are better equipped to battle, manage and survive their illness” said Sidney Bresler, President & Chairman of the Foundation.

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About Food & Friends
Established in 1988, Food & Friends is a nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C. that provides nutritionally tailored, home-delivered meals to people facing a life-challenging health crisis. We believe that food heals, and this year we will prepare and deliver 1.3 million meals across 5,300 square miles to 4,000 sick neighbors, including their dependents and caregivers, all at no charge. We help our clients feel better, connect them to their community and empower them to manage their illnesses. At Food & Friends, we are driven by a simple premise: anyone can get sick and everyone can help.

About the Robert I. Schattner Foundation

The Robert I. Schattner Foundation is a private charitable foundation established in 1992 by Dr. Robert I. Schattner. Dr. Schattner invented Chloraseptic, the well-known product used to relieve minor sore throat and mouth pain. The success of Chloraseptic and another line of products, known as Sporicidin, provided him with the means to fund this foundation and for it to be able to accomplish its charitable purposes. The overriding goal of the foundation is simple and straight forward – “to make grants where they will do the most good and where our gifts will make a real difference.”

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