Spice up your Summer with Herbs & Spices

- June 10, 2018

Add some flavor to your summer by trying out some new herbs and spices. Herbs and spices are a great way to add flavor without adding any extra salt, fat or sugar. They can add a variety of different colors to meals, often making the food look brighter and more appealing.

Adding new herbs and spices into your meals can be intimidating because there are just so many options. But many are very versatile and can be added easily into any meal. Only have dry herbs or spices? That is okay! You can use either fresh or dry to add flavor and enhance the aroma.

Watching your sodium intake?

Here are a couple tips to help you this summer:

  • Avoid adding salt while preparing meals
  • Remove the salt shaker from the table
  • Read the labels; look for products that say “Low Sodium” or “No Salt Added”
  • Rinse canned vegetables before using to get rid of excess sodium
  • Use herbs and spices!



Herbs can be found fresh or dry in the grocery store. You can even grow your own. The flavor and uses of each herb differ slightly, but are all great choices:


  • Citrusy and bright
  • Use on fish, rice or in salsa


  • Sweet and peppery
  • Use on chicken, tomatoes or to make pesto sauce


  • Fresh and grassy
  • Use on any meats, or in soups and sauces


  • Woody and piney
  • Use on meats, potatoes or in soups


  • Mild and fresh
  • Use of fish, in eggs or on vegetables


  • Light and floral
  • Use on poultry, vegetables or in soups



Spices come in many different colors and can easily be blended together. In fact, many of your favorite spices may already be blends! Such as Italian seasoning, curry powder or chili powder.


  • Sweet and warm
  • Use on poultry, or in soups and dips


  • Sweet and nutty
  • All-purpose

Red Pepper Flakes

  • Hot and pungent
  • Adds a mild heat to any dish

Black Pepper

  • Earthy and mild
  • All-purpose flavor enhancer


  • Sweet and earthy
  • Use in chili, on fish or vegetables


  • Spicy and zesty
  • Use in marinades, meats, or in baked goods
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