Wells Fargo Celebrates 15 Years of Partnership With Food & Friends

- April 25, 2018

We are grateful for the many corporate volunteer groups who give their time to support Food & Friends each year. And we are especially grateful for groups like Wells Fargo, which supports our work through grants, event sponsorships, and critically-needed volunteerism. And this year, Wells Fargo will celebrate 15 years of partnership with Food & Friends.

Wells Fargo began supporting Food & Friends in 2003, and since then has given more than $320,000 to Food & Friends – through event sponsorships and grants to benefit clients living in Northern Virginia. And through volunteerism, Wells Fargo employees have developed deeper connections with our work and among their colleagues. Last year, 33 Wells Fargo employees contributed 155 hours of service to Food & Friends.

Robin Matthews, who coordinates Wells Fargo’s volunteer group, has volunteered with Food & Friends for four years and finds her service to be incredibly meaningful, both personally and professionally.

No matter what the effort it takes to complete my volunteer time, I always feel like I get so much more from this than I give,” she said. “My favorite times are with our monthly food prep group from Wells Fargo. We have so much fun together catching up and at the same time building out meals for so many folks that can’t necessarily get meals without Food & Friends.”

Whether it’s once a week or once a year, corporate volunteer groups are always needed – particularly during the holidays, January, and the spring and summer when schools are not in session. If you’d like to set up a volunteer day at Food & Friends, email Eric Lempa for more information or visit our Volunteer page to get started.

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